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To remove underline in Google Sheets, select the text with the underline and press the Ctrl + U keys combination on Windows (or Cmd + U on Mac) simultaneously. 

How to Remove the Underline

In order to help the reader focus on the most crucial information, underlining is an essential aspect of the writing process. Nonetheless, there are situations when you may want to un-underline a passage. Check out the detailed explanation of the procedure below to see how simple it is.

  • To begin, double-click the highlighted cell. The cursor will be moved within the text itself.
  • Second, either pick all of the text in the cell or only the section you want to edit (the part that is underlined).
  • Lastly, hit the Ctrl and U keys together on Windows (or Cmd and U on Mac) to un-underline the text.

Result :

How to Remove the Underline from an Entire Cell, Multiple Cells, Rows, or Columns

Following the procedures above or those below will allow you to remove the underlining from a single cell, a range of cells, an entire row, or an entire column. Now, pick the cell or cells containing the text you want to format.

Step 2: Click on the Format menu.

Step 3: Select the Text option.

Step 4: Choose Underline to remove the underline from the text.


See the outcome down below:


How to Remove the Underline from an Entire Spreadsheet

Follow the steps below to format text that appears in several cells throughout your worksheet at once.

To select the full sheet, start by clicking the dark gray bar in the upper left corner.

Second, on a Windows computer, use the Ctrl + U keys (or the + U keys on a Mac).


Instantly, the underlines words on your worksheet will no longer be underlines . The end result may resemble the following:


How to Remove the Underline from a Hyperlink or Email Address

By default, Google Sheets will emphasize any text that has been connected, such as a hyperlink or an email address. The underlining isn’t part of the actual link, thus it’s OK to delete it. You may quickly and simply take care of this work by utilizing any of the two techniques outlined above (the keystrokes Ctrl + U for Windows or Cmd + U for Mac, or the Format menu). Simply go for the approach that appeals to you best.

How to Remove the Underline on a Mobile Device

Here’s what to do if you are working with spreadsheets from a mobile device and you want to remove an underline:

Step 1: Click on the cell with the underlined text to select it. 


Step 2: Press the Underline icon to open the settings.


Step 3: Select Underline to remove it from the selected text.


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