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you can make Google Sheets Save as PDF with this step : select File > Download as > PDF Document. The PDF will be automatically downloaded to your computer. You can then open it and print it out or share it with others.

Google Sheets Save As Pdf

To ensure the PDF will appear correctly when opened, select the Print Layout option before downloading. You can also adjust the margins and page orientation to fit your needs. To add a password to the PDF, select the Protect PDF option.

To adjust the quality of the PDF, select the Compression option. This will reduce the size of the PDF, making it easier to send and share. You can also select the Add Watermark option to add an image or text to the PDF.

You can also use the Resize Pages option to change the size and orientation of the PDF. Finally, the Rotate Pages option allows you to rotate the PDF pages to the desired orientation.

A print settings display will now appear, and on the left hand side of the screen you will be able to view a preview of your content. You will find the print settings menu on the right side of the screen.

Google Sheets Save As Pdf

Print settings include several options:

Select the contents you want to export to PDF using this drop down menu. Choose from the current sheet, specific cells, or the entire workbook (if you have more than one).

PDF Area Size: This will determine the size of the PDF area. By default, A4 is selected, but custom sizes can also be specified.

You can change this option to suit the content.

Contains options to scale the content by width, height or full page. The scale can also be set to 100% (default) or custom.

Margin: It can be changed from Normal (Default) to Narrow or Wide.

Google Sheets Save As Pdf Formatting Options

By clicking the arrow next to the label, you can expand the section labelled Formatting in the print settings. You can specify the following options in this section:

This checkbox controls whether gridlines are displayed in your PDF. You can toggle the gridlines on and off by simply ticking or unticking it.

The checkbox allows you to display or hide notes from your sheet in PDF format.

Documents with multiple sheets can be sorted by page order.

You can align the content on the page using the two drop down menus. Horizontal and vertical alignment can be set. 

Choose the appropriate checkboxes to show additional information in your PDF’s header and footer.

Can I save Google Sheets as PDF?

Yes, you can save Google Sheets as a PDF. All you need to do is go to File > Download as > PDF Document. Once you have made your changes and saved the document, you can click on the “Download” button to save the document as a PDF. You can also print the document directly from the browser window. The PDF will retain the formatting and styling of your original document.

This makes it convenient for users to share their documents with others, as PDFs are universally accepted and can be opened on any device. It also allows users to maintain the design of the original document when printing or sharing it.

Furthermore, PDFs are also secure against unauthorized changes. They can be password-protected and encrypted, adding an extra layer of protection to important documents. This can be highly beneficial for businesses who need to share confidential information.

Additionally, PDFs are easily accessible across different platforms and devices, allowing documents to be opened and viewed on any device with a compatible PDF reader. PDFs also offer reliable formatting, ensuring the document is displayed correctly regardless of the device used to view it.

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