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Google Participants’ identities remain hidden while you gather their replies in an Google Forms Anonymous Survey.A Google Form may be made anonymously without the user having to provide any personal information to . As a result, you won’t be able to gather any identifying information from your participants, such as their email addresses, names, or IP addresses (PII). It’s crucial to think carefully about whether or not you need an anonymous survey because there’s no way to tie an answer back to an individual.

You can learn a lot about your business’s performance and your employees’ reactions to recent policy shifts by conducting surveys. Some surveys can be effective without requiring identifying information, while others can’t function without it. This post will explain what an anonymous survey is, why you would want to utilize one, and what some of the benefits and drawbacks are.

Making Google Forms anonymous survey is a useful skill to have if you’re already familiar with the Google suite and prefer using its survey tool. Here, we’ll cover the fundamentals before diving into the specifics of that simple procedure. When would you want your survey participants to remain anonymous? First of all, it is common practice to use an anonymous survey when gathering sensitive information that the participants do not wish to have made public. Most people who take part in such a study would rather keep their medical records and other personal details to themselves.

It’s possible that you, as the survey’s creator, have your own reasons for requiring respondent anonymity. One justification includes avoiding bias introduced by personally identifiable information when analyzing the data. In cases when you need to use the raw data points but don’t care about getting any identifying information from the respondents, an anonymous survey is your best bet.

If you want honest responses from your survey participants but don’t want them to worry about reprisal, keeping their identities hidden might be a good idea. While providing feedback might seem vulnerable at times, keeping the input completely anonymous is a good option for eliciting useful information without risking hurt feelings then best solution is using Google Forms Anonymous Survey

How to make Google Forms Anonymous Survey

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of maintaining respondents’ anonymity before releasing your survey. As was just discussed, there are situations in which keeping information secret is preferable, while other scenarios may make you perceive more disadvantages to doing so.

You’ll be more honest in your answers. If you’ve ever been asked to speak out in front of a group, you know how difficult it may be to do so on the spot. The similar sentiment can be expressed by some respondents to an online poll if they are aware that their responses would be personally identifiable. Allowing respondents to remain anonymous increases the likelihood that you will receive more honest responses. Getting comments from workers is a perfect example of how important this is.

Perhaps more people will respond to you. One possible reason more people will fill out your survey is that it guarantees anonymity (Google Forms Anonymous Survey). Form filling is an annoyance for many people since it requires extra effort and they may be concerned about receiving spam if they enter their email address. A higher response rate may be achieved through the use of anonymous surveys due to their perceived convenience.

To start with a blank Google form, go to the Google Forms page.

Google Forms Anonymous Survey

Click on the Settings tab. Under Responses, make sure to uncheck Collect email addresses

Google Forms Anonymous Survey

Make sure to uncheck Limit to 1 response, as this will require a Google sign-in

You may see if the form works without a Google account by trying to submit it. Launch a browser on which you have never logged into Google (open Firefox, Opera, Safari where there is no automatic Google Sign in) To share a Google form, open it, and then click the “Send” button while copying the short URL.

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