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No need for complicated development processes to build your own eCommerce marketplace. Arcadier Marketplace is a software-as-a-service that makes setting up an online marketplace simple.

Featuring templates for retail and goods, service bookings, and rentals, Arcadier’s software includes everything you need to make your marketplace a success. At a glance: – Set up your marketplace in a matter of minutes – Get your categories and custom fields for listings up and running so people can start uploading into them –

Use one of our pre-integrated payment solutions that automatically split payments between you and your merchants – Start inviting merchants and buyers to transact on your platform Notes: – This is not integrated with Microsoft Office, and is a platform on its own –

Clicking on ‘Get it now’ will get you into a quick process of building a marketplace on where you will enjoy a 30 day free trial of Arcadier – To continue on Arcadier, you would have to subscribe to a package (Basic, Growth or Scale)

Arcadier provides an easy and fast way to set up a marketplace, so that users can start selling and buying goods and services quickly. The platform also allows users to create custom categories and fields for their listings.

Additionally, it provides pre-integrated payment solutions that automatically split payments between sellers and buyers. Lastly, users are able to invite merchants and buyers to transact on the platform.

Create your marketplace website with Arcadier

Tips Create your marketplace website with Arcadier

Keep your powerful story close to your heart

In order to attract customers to your marketplace, you have to give them a compelling reason to use it. In the process of adding all kinds of product features, some people forget why they’re building the product in the first place and what their main value proposition is. Keeping your focus on how it all started for you, the problem you are trying to solve, should be your focus. Create regular blogs that offer high-quality content, tips, and useful information. Tell your story, remind users of what you are all about, and then people will choose your marketplace over others.

Market to a smaller market and a specific region

If you want to be successful in building a marketplace quickly enough, you probably want to reach out to as many customers as possible. The reality is, you should focus on a smaller group of people rather than trying to reach out to as many people as possible. The best thing you can do is not spread your efforts too thin because you may not be able to meet all the demands if you do. You need to choose a niche market and go vertical, pick a specific location and expand once you have established a solid foothold.

Enhance your brand’s trustworthiness

The next thing to do is to convince people that they have all the right reasons to choose your marketplace. The next step is to build a good reputation and there are few ways to do it. A lot of marketplace websites have a rating and review feature that allows people to have a good idea of what it’s like to use your marketplace. The marketplace websites should also allow the user to create a profile, which will allow them to get a better understanding of the product, a personal story, and how they have been rated online. You will be able to gain the greater credibility in the pool of marketplaces the more positive feedback and ratings you receive from the registered users of your marketplace.

Throughout the process of building your marketplace, you need to always be prepared for the unexpected and to stick to your original plan while making any necessary changes as you go. You can launch an online marketplace successfully by following a series of steps and practices that can help you with the details of how to launch it. By following these five steps, you have already taken a good step towards establishing yourself in the ever-growing industry of online marketplaces.

Start by building a strong supply base first

As a marketplace is designed to satisfy the needs of buyers, there must be enough merchants offering goods and services to meet those needs. The smartest thing you can do is to focus on building up a supply of goods and services in your marketplace first. You must be diligent in acquiring merchants so you are able to ensure your inventory is ready for customers to purchase. You are better off not only having a strong supply of goods in your marketplace, but it will also lead to a higher amount of interactions between buyers and sellers in your marketplace. This will create a healthy marketplace ecosystem, where buyers and sellers can easily find, interact and make transactions. This will also help increase the customer base, leading to more sales and generating a steady income. For example, when a marketplace has a good variety of products, buyers can compare different options and sellers can reach out to more potential customers, leading to more sales overall. The main term here is “marketplace ecosystem.” A marketplace ecosystem is a community of buyers and sellers who interact with each other to exchange goods and services.

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