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Visual representations of strings and integers are used in barcodes. In most cases, they stand for numbers that refer to records in a database that provide useful data about a product. They may be found everywhere in stores and warehouses worldwide and are simple for machines to scan. In this post, you’ll find a straightforward 2-step tutorial on how to make barcodes in Google Sheet

Download The Barcode Fonts

In Google Sheets, there are three families of barcode fonts:

  • For Code 39 barcodes, see Libre Barcode 39. In the business world, these are frequently used as labels for things like name badges, inventory, and applications.
  • For Code 128 barcodes, use Libre Barcode 128. They are widely utilized in the shipping and packaging sectors.
  • For EAN barcodes, see Libre Barcode EAN13. In retail, these barcodes are frequently used.
  • Go to your toolbar’s font menu and select “More fonts” to add these fonts:

In the font popup, search for “Libre barcode”. Select all of the Libre Barcode fonts (39, 39 Extended, 39 Text, 39 Extended Text, 128, and EAN13) and click OK:


Format Values As Barcode In Google Sheet

Highlight the number and apply one of the new Libre Barcode fonts you downloaded in step 1:


Your number must be enclosed in * asterisks in order to use Code 39. This formula makes it simple to accomplish this:


Code 128 and EAN13 do not require any modification. The number can be formatted directly as a barcode.

Code 39 Barcode in Google Sheet

Libre Barcode 39 turns values into a plain barcode according to Code 39.

And Libre Barcode 39 Text turns values into a barcode with the ID number printed underneath

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